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Now You Too Can Grow Enough Food
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Feet of Space OR Less...

You Don't Need A Complicated Aquaponics System,
Or Even A Yard To Grow Enough Food To Keep
Your Family Full and Safe Month After Month

Dear Fellow Patriot,

\ Vertical Garden Cover

If you think you don't have enough room for a garden you are not alone.

Not too long ago I was in the same shoes you're in now.

I had a typical suburban America back yard. I had a deck, a small patch of grass for the kids to play on and a little vegetable garden for herbs and tomatoes… in the corner behind the shed.

I didn't have the room, or the know-how at the time to do anymore with what space I had.

The real problems was all the…

Breaking News, Doom and Gloom…Too Close To Home

It seemed every time I turned on the TV or opened a newspaper I was bombarded by the breaking news describing the latest natural disaster or crisis hitting my fellow Americans.

Thank God much of this was far from my home, but I knew it is only a matter of time before there was a REAL live crisis at my front door…and the faces of me and my children would replace the nameless ones on the news.

Others – complete strangers – would be whisked into our own lives as we are whisked into theirs. Broadcasted horror stories about my home town…videos of the barren shelves at my local grocery store.

I realized I was in a desperate situation because I knew…

I Wasn't Growing Enough Fresh Food To Feed My Family

I had plenty of dehydrated and canned goods to last my family several months, but I was taking a huge risk (at the expense of my loved ones) by not taking proper sustainable action…

I was too dependent on the daily deliveries of fresh produce to my local grocery store to sustain the nutritional needs of my family and myself.  

So with that in mind, I knew… 

I Needed A Solution That Went
Beyond Your Weekend Gardening Project

I started doing some research…a lot of research in fact.

I interviewed the folks at the local Co-ops... gardening supply stores... and even my neighbors about efficiency gardening that could suit my family's canning and nutritional requirements. 

Not to mention, fill the all-important demands I required as a prepper.

I knew I had to do 3 things immediately:

1. Grow enough food for a family of 4 in minimal space

2. Secure growing – keep spying eyes and pesky critters from uncovering my bounty

3. Make sure what I was doing was practical for long term sustainability

The Easiest, Most Efficient and Practical Secret To
Growing More Food In Less Space

In short – I found the answers I had been so urgently seeking.

Instead of sprawling out on the ground, I discovered how to sprawl "up" and increase my growing space at least tenfold – probably more.

Now admittedly, I cant take full credit for this – its not rocket science after all – but what I've done is take my YEARS of research and THOUSANDS of dollars of trial and error and simplify the concept. In truth I turned a "good idea" into a life altering - chemically and genetically manipulated free - system.

But why am I telling you all this?

It is truly one of the best vertical gardening and DIY preparperdness gardening guides on the market... and you can make it yours right now.

Why Do All That Research Yourself?

\ Vertical Garden CoverWhen I put this offer together I was thinking of you...

How much is your time worth? How much is your life worth? How much is your health worth?

Think about it. Why should you go out and duplicate all this information on your own? Why should you have to waste your hard earned money on systems that will fail you? I did the hard work, and all the trial and error has already been done for you.

Everything you need to know to get started today is in this no fluff 59 page guide to Survival Gardening that will keep your family happy, healthy and feed through any disaster.

And of course I call it: The Expert Prepper's Family Survival Garden

Within these pages you will discover:

How to grow enough food to feed a family of 4 in just 4 square feet of indoor or outdoor space

How you can build your own vertical garden from scratch

Everything you will need to get your garden set up in a few hours

Why vertical gardens are more efficient, cost effective and healthier than traditional gardens

How vertical gardening spares you the pain of traditional gardening – no more breaking your back bending over to plant, weed and water

Growing hearty plants on a limited water supply

Which plants will give you optimal efficiency for the space

Which plants produce the best yields and which plants to avoid

How to scale the operation to feed one person or a family of 6

And much, much more...

Everything you need to get started and grow food for you and your family is all right here in The Expert Prepper's Family Survival Garden.

There's no need for you to go through what I did. Long interviews with as many people as I could find, even longer sleepless nights of research, and countless mistakes from trials in the field.

You see, I've already done the work for you. All you have to do is take me up on this once in a lifetime offer!

If you read the paper and watch the news, then you've seen for yourself that you never know when or where a crisis will hit and disrupt the delicate balance of your life.

Furthermore, you're the only one who can provide long term, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables for your loved ones. 

How do you think they would feel if you waited…or worse – did nothing and let this book slip through your fingers? If they ever found out you could've had a bounty of fresh produce to keep them all healthy, energized, and satiated but didn't – well…I don't think I'd want to be in your shoes at that time.

I'm not saying that to make you feel bad – I'm only telling you the truth that you already know.

Sometimes…the truth hurts.

But you can avoid all that by simply grabbing your copy of the Expert Prepper's Family Survival Garden.

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Yes, access to my Family Survival Garden guide is only 7 Bucks, which I think you'd agree, is an extremely reasonable price to pay for the security and health of your family.

Trust me, friend – it will be a decision you will NEVER regret.

My Person Guarantee to you. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with Expert Prepper's Family Survival Garden, I will refund 100% of your purchase price… No Questions Asked. You have a FULL 60 DAYS to decide.

So don't delay. Act now and start growing all the food you'll ever need to feed your family…and you can have it up and running in just a few short hours from now! 

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Remember your purchase is backed by our Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason – or none at all – you're not 100% satisfied with the information here just drop me an email and I will refund every questions asked.

Think about it – do you have enough space in YOUR back yard to cultivate a sustainable garden of precious fruits and vegetables? Even if you do – are you able to keep charlatans looking to steal the food out of your family's mouths from raiding your garden?

You need to take action now…do this for yourself and your family. You'll be amazed at how fun it is and better still – easy to control and maintain. I've dropped the solution you've needed (but may have not even known it) into your lap…what you do with it is now up to you.

Happy Gardening,

Skip Tanner
Expert Prepper & Vertical Gardening Guru

Don't forget – your purchase is 100% guaranteed for 60 days. I wanted to give you plenty of time to see how useful it is. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, simply send me an email and I'll process your refund immediately. I don't deserve to keep your money if you aren't happy with the product. This is completely risk-free on your part – all the risk is on me which is where I like it. You can thank me later…

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